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Raise your travel dreams to their upright and locked positions, join us now as we discover the ins and outs of travels in Europe.

Bonjour, I'm Rick Steves,your next best thing to a plane ticket.This week we are in Paris,lots of people consider this Europe's most romantic city. April in Paris, extravagant night life, gourmet cooking, elegant boulevards, sidewalk cafes, Paris is all of that, experienced travellers returned again and again as I have over the last 20 years. I don't get tired of this city. Join us here,in France's beautiful capital, as we continue our grand tour of Europe.

If you've been with us from the beginning, you'll know that we began our tour in Amsterdam, walked our way through Germany and Austria, down into Italy, back up through Switzerland and now into Paris.

We've been sharing practical tips on travelling in Europe,discovering out-of-the-way spots and picking up points to make the history and art fun. In this program we'll use the continent's best subway system to learn some public transportation skills to help us get around Europe's big cities.

We'll go back 200 years into the Neoclassical Age,the age of the revolution and Napoleon.
And we'll take a short side trip to the ultimate chateau- Chantilly. I know that's supposed to be Chantee.But for the sake of clarity or humor if you speak French, I'll be pronouncing lots of French place names in English.

We won't spend much time at the big attractions. In a tourist destination like Paris,even a first time traveller knows to see the Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees. You'll see the famous art museums of Paris and no one misses the Eiffel Tower,do all that. But we're going to some of the places the average tourist misses.

Bluegrass in the Paris' metro You bet. This city swings to a symphony of international sightseeing sounds, banjo players in the subway,artists, street performers. I always expect the unexpected here.