Travel in Europe - Paris 信步巴黎 - 6

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The king and his court were worshiped in the glorious upper chapel. For the total experience, visit during the day when the chapel is bathed in brilliant stained glass light, then return for an evening concert.

Tourists come to Paris for its history, its art, and its shop, on Sunday mornings near the Notre Dame, window shopping can include birds.
"Hello, parrot. Are you OK Wow. OK, you need this."
"Wow, how are you doing"
Of course, tourists aren't buying pets, most are checking out Parisian fashions, you could go to some boutiques, but let's check out le grand department store, a sightseeing attraction in itself. Then historic Samaritaine centrally located between the Notre Dame and the Louvre contains something for everyone. Maybe you've discovered by this time I wasn't born to shop, maybe eat but not shop. I like Muenster, a handy self-service cafeteria, it offers a fine low-price, low-stress, low-risk what-you-see-is-what-you-get meal with a great city view.